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17.3.23 18h-22h

This is our first event.  Our Birthday maybe!  Come celebrate.
Look around – people are transforming the world, one project at a time.  


18.00 Open Doors
Designers Showcases
20.00 Live Music:
Sasha Arganov (Cello) & Nihan Devecioglu (Vocals)


  • Gaston Sanmiguel

    An electro-mechanical sculptor who uses bicycle and other mechanical material to create unique lamps and other design objects.

  • Owl

    Locally produced sportswear from upcycled kitesurfs with environmentally and socially conscious design.

  • Dragos Brescan

    Biodigital morphological experimentations made visible via digital fabrication

  • Kofi Matters

    Using local coffee roasting residues to create artesanal paper and design

  • TransfoLAB BCN

    Trash investigation & experimentation. They also run a maker space with a great selection of tools & regular workshops.

  • Archimata Corp

    Creating wearable design pieces from 3D printerd biomaterials ( e.g. Spirulina Algae etc)

  • LIVE MUSIC: Crossing Sounds

    Sasha & Nihan create a diverse musical and intercultural weave of song and poetry in Hebrew and Turkish, with live electronic effects and loops.

  • Transform Or D#AI...

    Showcasing some of the AI output collected during our #AI call-out, including thoughts and reactions to this technology. (See below...)



The possibilities of AI-generated (assisted?) creativity seem endless and it looks like we’re only beginning to scratch the surface. AI music and video are right round the corner…so…

What gets accelerated? What gets destroyed? Is instant beauty a distraction from deeper creative thinking? Are we creators or consumers of the results? Who is controlling it? What does it feed on? What becomes valuable now? 

Meanwhile…everywhere we look it feels like we are at some kind of crossroads – politically, ecologically, spiritually, technologically, creatively…

What urgent questions should we be asking ourselves?

Can we /imagine what will happen next?


«Picture Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips»

Article Wired Magazine Read here

Drinks sponsored by FLAVA Hard Seltzer

We are lucky to give you a little taste of this new alcoholic drink from Barcelona – FLAVA:  a flavored hard seltzer which makes it super low calories  … and getting drunk without the sugar = less hangover apparently.  Just up our street!


Calle Pescateria 4, 08003 Barcelona Spain 
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