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garden entrance, split-level co-working space, audiovisual suite, kitchen and dining area, sofa chill-out, bathroom, showroom

Building Reborn

During the rennovation we tried to upcycle and reuse as much as possible, including old furniture from the old refit in the 90s. The wooden staircase ended up as parts of our sofa and dividing shelf and many other materials that we found in the street ended up re-cycled back into the project.

knocking down walls
removing old staircase
renewing the old floor
old cupboard panels become understairs doors
reusing studio leftovers and the old stair steps to create the sofa + chairs
old stair steps and studio wood leftovers to make dividing shelf
upcycling the old cupboards for the kitchen
re-painting cupboard fronts
using leftover woodscraps on bathroom door
upcycling copper tubing for kitchen handles
shopsign letters rescued from a skip for coffee table base

Audiovisual Suite

Reborn's audiovisual music production suite was designed by American acoustician John Brandt. We sourced renewable wood suppliers, energy-efficient appliances and many of the leftover materials from building the modular acoustic treatments were reworked into the rest of Reborn.


Calle Pescateria 4, 08003 Barcelona Spain 
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